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Planet Information


-The planet Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, yet it isn't the hottest because it literally has no atmosphere.

-Average distance from the Sun: 36 million miles (58 million kilometers)

-Diameter: 3032 miles (4880km)

-Rotation: 58.56 days

-Orbital period: 88 days

-Mean temperature: 333F (167C)

-Axial tilt: .01 degrees

-Gravity 12.1 ft/s^2 (3.7m/s^2)


-Venus, the hottest planet in our solar system.

-Average distance from the Sun: 67.2 million miles (108.2 million km)

-Diameter:7521 miles (12,103km)

-Rotation: 243 days

-Orbital period: 224.7 days

-Mean Temperature: 867F (464F)

-Axial Tilt: 177.4 degrees

-Gravity: 29.1 ft/s^2 (8.9m/s^2)


-Earth. The most densest, resource-rich planet in our system.

-Average distance from the Sun: 93 million miles (149.6 million km)

-Diameter: 7926 miles (12.755km)

-Rotation : 1 day

-Orbital period: 365.24 days

-Mean temperature: 59F (15C)

-Axial tilt: 23.5 degrees

-Gravity: 32.1 ft/s^2 (9.8m/s^2)

-Moons: 1


-Mars. A planet which continues to amaze us.

-Average distance from the sun: 141.6 million miles (228 million km)

-Diameter: 4222 miles (6794km)

-Rotation: 24.6 hours

-Orbital period: 687 days

-Average temperature: -85F (-65C)

-Axial tilt: 25.2 degrees

-Gravity : 12.1 ft/s^2 (3.7m/s^2)

-Moons: 2


Regarded as the king of our solar system, Jupiter is said to be a failed star.

-Average distance from the Sun: 483.8 million miles (778.6 million km)

-Diameter: 88,846 miles (142,98km)

-Rotation: 9.9 hours

-Orbital period: 11.85 years

-Average temperature: -166F (-110C)

-Axial tilt: 3.1 degrees

-Gravity: 75.9ft/s^2 (23.1m/s^2)

-Moons: 39


This planet's spectacular ring system never fails to amaze us.

-Average distance from the Sun: 890.8 million miles (1.43 billion km)

-Diameter: 74,897 miles (120,535km)

-Rotation: 10.7 hours

-Orbital period: 29.42 years

-Average temperature: -220F (-140C)

-Axial tilt: 26.7 degrees

-Gravity: 29.4ft/s^2 (9.0m/s^2)

-Moons: 30


-This planet, oddly enough, almost stands on it's side, relative to the orbital plane.

-Average distance from the Sun: 1.784 billion miles (2.871 billion km)

-Diameter: 31.763 miles (51,117km)

-Rotation: 17.2 hours

-Orbital period: 83.75 years

-Average temperature: -320F (-195C)

-Axial tilt: 97.8 degrees.

-Gravity: 28.5ft/s^2 (8.7m/s^2)

-Moons: 20


-Neptune, the last of the giants.

-Average distance from the Sun: 2.793 billion miles (4.494 billion km)

-Diameter: 30,775 miles (49,495km)

-Rotation: 16.1 hours

-Orbital period: 163.72 years

-Average temperature: -330F (-200C)

-Axial tilt: 28.3 degrees

-Gravity: 36.0ft/s^2 (11.0m/s^2)

-Moons: 11


The lone wonder. -Average distance from the Sun: 3.647 billion miles (5.869 billion km)

-Diameter: 1485 miles (2274km)

-Rotation: 6.38 days

-Orbital period: 248 years

-Average temperature: -375F (-195C)

-Axial tilt: 122.5 degrees

-Gravity: 1.9ft/s^2 (0.6m/s^2)

-Moons: 1