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The New Age

Humanity has truly emerged into an age where information is the main focus. In our ignorance we blissfully stride into the technological age with high hopes, knowing that the near future holds many technological wonders. However, we forget to realize the rammifications of our pursuits. Take nano-technology and genetic manipulation.......the federal government can barely keep up with the new branches these technologies create, and thus regulatory measures are not made quickly enough to ensure safety. I mean, these technologies alone, if in the wrong hands, can potentially be used to murder billions of people. Call me a cynic, but the consequences of not having regulations associated with these emerging technologies could be catastrophic. I mean, how can you detect a terrorist who has nano-bots in his bloodstream, waiting to emerge during the middle of the flight to be inhaled by neighboring passengers. Then, through the process of digestion, these nano-bots release a toxic chemical which quickly kills the host? Millions of these can be released in an urban center like NY or Tokyo. Essentially, this is the ultimate form weapon.....virtuallty undetectable by conventional methods, swift, and deadly. I would hate to see the day where people are walking around with mini electromagnetic pulse emitters, in case of a nano-attack. Of course, such a technology has large beneficial potential as well. Nano-bots can go into the human body to neutralize anti-bodies, or even venture into the brain to stop and disable the growth and processes of a inoperable brain tumor. Nano-bots can even improve the structural integrity of certain materials, or cloak soldiers out in the battle field to hide them from nearby enemies. Aside from nano-technology, there is human genetic cloning, which has been blasted into the spotlight during the recent announcement that the Raelians, a largely unknown group of UFO believers, are in the process of cloning a human. Like really, do WE NEED TO CLONE HUMANS? In my opinion, NO. It's certainly an unnecessary endeavor, but I do, however, encourage the experimentation of cloning human stem cells or even organs to save people in need of these.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is this: The government needs to keep it's eye open to what's going on in new sciences which will revolutionize our way of life. Humanity needs to be careful as we proceed into the future....we need to be less ignorant and more aware. In a sense, we, as a collective, need to smarten up. After all, our very existence depends on it,