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Another Four For Bush

Surprisingly so, Bush and his republican party has managed to grab yet another win for they did it is beyond me. Watching CNN analysts draw early conclusions which predicted a win for Kerry, the actual result caught me off guard. I have to admit, though, the smear campaign produced prior to the election to make Kerry look inadequate was simply superb in it's effectiveness. I thought the youth and minority vote - being particularly significant this election - would win it for Kerry...but it just wasn't so. I was watching a story on the Discovery Channel which discussed the vulnerability of e-voting machines to outside intrusions. Basically anyone with a simple hacking script can access the e-voting machine's data and tamper with the votes...I wonder if...nah. : )

Where Americans go from here, I really don't know. Despite the president's call for 'unity' and 'healing,' such things in a nation plagued with partisan politics would be nothing more than wishful thinking. If the president is sincere in his words - which would be hard to believe, then perhaps Americans can work together, despite political leanings, and improve upon the situation...either that, or they have to endure through another four years of bs. Certainly his Halliburton pals are happy with his reelection, securing their stake in the billion-dollar revenues produced by Halliburton-controlled oil reserves in Iraq.