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We've all heard stories of people who claim they've been implanted with some sort of tracking, enhancement, or controlling device by aliens, the government, or secret organizations, but should we take these stories seriously? Technology is so available these days that anyone with the cash could start his/her own intelligence agency. Micro-devices smaller than a Human hair (nano-technology) are in the works in labs across the world, and with the GPS network orbiting above...anyone, anywhere...can be tracked within an accuracy of 30 meters.

I think it is safe to assume that the military is currently combining the very latest in biotechnology and nanotechnology for some purpose or another, whether it be to enhance a combat soldier's capabilities on the battle field, or to remotely control a Human drone with neurological implants and psychological conditioning. The possibilities are frightening. Just imagine, soldiers cloaked in reflective nano-array uniforms...swarms of ariel nano drones who kill their intended targets by collectively melting their toxic coatings into the circulatory system, or Human barcode radio transmitters that virtually puts an end to our privacy.

What once was dismissed as pure lunacy is now possible.