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This area is just for people who want to play some games or develop some HTML code or even browse through various pictures that I've collected. I'm sure you'll find it interesting. If I've given you the password, I would appreciate it if you didn't circulate it with your friends. Also, if you gained unauthorized access to this page somehow, I commend you.......we all have our ways.

Games, pics, utilities, and more of the Geek Hub.


Feel like chatting it up? Well, if you're interested in communicating with people around the world for absolutely nothing, click here:

And finally, those who are interested in reading about emerging technologies developed by private industry, or the military, here is an interesting page that casts light on what our future may look like, and those who seek to take humanity into a truly modern, technological age. Topics ranging from future space shuttles NASA plans on building and putting into comission by 2010, to artificial intelligence and nano-technology.